(Centrally Sponsored Scheme)

The Community Polytechnic Scheme (CPS) was launched in 1979 by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and was implemented during the period 1979-2007. Having successfully implemented the scheme of CPS for nearly a three decade of period (1979-2007), the MHRD introduced the scheme called as Community Development through Polytechnics (CDTP) in 2009.
This scheme was an improvement of the erstwhile scheme of CPS and 56 Polytechnic Colleges in Tamil Nadu selected as per the norms of MHRD, are implementing the scheme effectively.

Main objectives of the scheme

1. To carryout Need Assessment Surveys, to assess the technology and training needs
2. The impart Skill Development Training Programmes, to the intended target groups
3. To disseminate Appropriate Technologies, for productivity enhancement
4. To provide Technical & Support Services, to rural masses and slum dwellers
5. To create awareness among the target groups about technological advancement and contemporary issues of importance – Dissemination of information


To implement the above activities, each Polytechnic College under the Scheme has established 5 to 10 Village Extension Centres in their respective region.
All the Polytechnic Colleges prepare their own curricula to conduct Skill Development Training Programmes relevant to the region to the general public. In each Polytechnic College every year around 600 persons, both from urban and rural are benefited by undergoing the skill development programmes conducted at the Polytechnic College (Main Centre) and at the Village Extension Centres. Each Polytechnic College under the activity of Skill Development training Programme covers a minimum of Four or Six Trades / skills to a maximum of 23 programmes.
Every year around 50000 beneficiaries in Tamil Nadu are trained in different skill oriented conventional and non-conventional short term courses to be self supportive. Training is also given on entrepreneur development in order to help them to start their own business.
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