Data Analytics will be the Next Big Thing for Engineers

Today, most of the jobs available in data analytics (DA) are for computer science graduates, but there are some companies that particularly look for electronics engineers. An engineering degree with a knack for programming, statistics and mathematics is the latest choice for employers hiring in the DA domain. Anand Sankaran, senior principal architect, Verizon Data Services, India informs that manyuniversities ...

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How Big Exactly is The Internet?

In the beginning, we used technology for dedicated purposes. Once it became readily available, we started using it for other purposes like entertainment. Then came the Internet, and the earlier advances just became mediums to access this newer more intriguing technology. Let’s take a look at what happens on the internet. According to surveys, some facts have come up related ...

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Demystifying GPS

A contemporary Yogi, philanthropist and self-proclaimed Guru, likened GPS to a Guru. He said – A GPS will guide you when you are in an unknown territory, just like Gurus would! However, here’s my take on it – GPS is not just about guiding you in an unknown terrain, but can do lot more than that! How’s that? Read on…. ...

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